Luxury Destinations Croatia

Explore curated selections of Croatia's most luxurious destinations, each offering a unique blend of history, culture, luxury, and natural beauty.

Experience the epitome of splendidness, featuring Croatia’s most luxurious destinations. From Trogir’s Venetian architecture and Istria’s gastronomic delights to Dubrovnik’s vibrant culture, our curated selection for a luxury holiday in Croatia is tailored for selective travelers.

Each destination stands as a handpicked jewel, offering a blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty. Dive into secluded beaches, savor gourmet dining, and explore UNESCO-listed sites for an enriching and seamless Croatian experience.

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Trogir, Kroatien
City gate Trogir. / View at mediterranean town Trogir in Croatia, Europe.
Aerial view of Trogir in summer, Croatia
Historic City of Trogir in Croatia
Trogir town panoramic view, Croatia Trogir. Croatian tourist des
Croatia, Trogir, Gateway The Cathedral of St. Lawrence, a Roman Catholic triple naved basilica constructed in Romanesque Gothic in Trogir, Croatia.
An exceptional Croatian experience awaits you, combining luxury accommodations, Trogir's UNESCO-protected allure, and rich maritime history.
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cover photo
Split, Croatia. View on Split town and Marjan hill, warm summer sunny day.
Trogir, Split, Dalmatia region of Croatia
Ancient palace built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian - Split, Croatia
Split historic waterfront panoramic aerial view
Famous Zlatni rat beach in Bol, Island Brac, Croatia, Europe
Split bay aerial view through stone window
A luxury escape awaits you in Split, where Roman architecture, UNESCO heritage, and the splendor of the Adriatic Sea harmonize for your ultimate holiday.
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Aerial view of Korcula town on Korcula island, Adriatic Sea, Croatia
Elaphiti islands, turquoise adriatic beach near Korcula, Dalmatia, Croatia
Sunset harbour in front of the old Town at Korcula, Croatia,
View of the Korcula town, Korcula island, Dalmatia, Croatia
Otočić Gubeša, a small island sheltering the bay of Uvala Gradina near Vela Luka, Korčula, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Croatia
Step into the world of Marco Polo and the Silk Road on Korčula Island, where history, luxury, and local wineries create a unique holiday experience.
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Beautiful Rovinj at sunset. Aerial photo. The old town of Rovinj, Istria, Croatia
Rovinj, beautiful old town in Istria of Croatia, Europe.
Pula amphitheater in the morning, Croatia
Kroatien, Istrien, Livade, frischer weisser Trüffel
glass of red wine on vineyard in Istria, Croatia.
Motovun town and landscape beautiful view of istrian nature from Motovun village
Unearth the heart of the Adriatic where truffle hunting, timeless authentic villages, and luxury villas in Istria converge for an unparalleled escape.
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Yachts anchored by Pakleni or Paklinski islands, Hvar, Croatia
Aerial view of Paklinski Islands in Hvar, Croatia.
Lavender field on Hvar island at sunny day, Croatia
Lavender and dry stones on Island Hvar, Croatia
Croatia, Hvar island, Bol. Aerial view at the Zlatni Rat. Beach and sea from air. Famous place in Croatia. Summer seascape from drone. Travel - image
Main square in old medieval town Hvar with seagull's flying over. Hvar is one of most popular tourist destinations in Croatia in summer. Central Pjaca square of Hvar town, Dalmatia, Croatia.
Experience unmatched luxury on the sun-kissed island of Hvar, where pristine beaches, historic landmarks, and vibrant nightlife create the perfect escape.
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Croatia landscape cityscape Dubrovnik. / Aerial panoramic view at famous european travel destination, Dubrovnik cityscape on Adriatic Coast, Croatia.
October 9th 2015: Onofrio fountain in Dubrovnik, Croatia, surrounded by tourists
Dubrovnik Old Town
Dubrovnik, Croatia. Panoramic view of the walled city.
Dubrovnik medieval Old town and Lokrum island
Indulge in the epitome of Mediterranean elegance with luxury holidays in Dubrovnik—where history and culture converge to create an unparalleled experience.
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Our Selection of Luxury Destinations in Croatia

For the traveler who seeks the extraordinary, our curated selection of destinations in Croatia offers a tapestry of experiences that skip the usual tourist trails. Each locale is handpicked by our professional team, chosen for its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

1. Dubrovnik

Walk along ancient walls that have stood the test of time, guarding a city rich in maritime history and cultural treasures. Dubrovnik serves as both a UNESCO World Heritage site and a living museum where every cobblestone and rooftop tells a story. This is also the real-world King’s Landing, a must-see for Game of Thrones enthusiasts.

2. Istria

This peninsula invites you to hunt for truffles in its misty forests and to sip on locally-produced olive oil and wine. Istria is a gastronomic paradise, where Italian and Croatian cuisines merge in a delightful fusion. A dream escape for every culinary enthusiast.

3. Split

In Split, Roman architecture seamlessly blends with daily life, elevating it to a luxurious experience. The Diocletian’s Palace serves as the city’s vibrant heartbeat, encircled by bustling markets, eclectic shops, and lively cafés.

4. Hvar

Hvar elevates the concept of an island getaway by offering a unique blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities. From its fragrant lavender fields to its elite beach clubs, this is a place where relaxation meets sophistication. The island’s crystal-clear waters and secluded coves add an extra layer of luxury, making it a haven for those seeking both adventure and tranquility.

5. Korčula

Known as the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo, this island offers more than just historical intrigue. Its local wineries produce some of Croatia’s finest wines, and its beaches are less crowded, offering a more intimate experience. The island is also rich in folklore and traditional music, providing a cultural depth that complements its natural beauty. With its charming old town and narrow, winding streets, Korčula feels like a step back in time but with all the luxuries of the modern world.

6. Trogir

Just a short distance from the busy city of Split, Trogir feels like a different world with its medieval core. Its narrow streets are like a real-life puzzle, taking you from one fascinating building to the next. Each place you visit has its own history, making the town a great spot for people who love architecture mixed with history.


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