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Luxury Destinations Croatia

Explore curated selections of Croatia's most luxurious destinations, each offering a unique blend of history, culture, luxury, and natural beauty.

Experience the epitome of splendidness, featuring Croatia’s most luxurious destinations. From Trogir’s Venetian architecture and Istria’s gastronomic delights to Dubrovnik’s vibrant culture, our curated selection for a luxury holiday in Croatia is tailored for selective travelers.

Each destination stands as a handpicked jewel, offering a blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty. Dive into secluded beaches, savor gourmet dining, and explore UNESCO-listed sites for an enriching and seamless Croatian experience.

Trogir Luxury Holidays

An exceptional Croatian experience awaits you, combining luxury accommodations, Trogir's UNESCO-protected allure, and rich maritime history.

Trogir is a captivating blend of Venetian architecture and UNESCO heritage, set against the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea. The town’s historic center is a labyrinth of narrow streets, each revealing a new architectural marvel.

From the grand St. Lawrence Cathedral, with its intricate portal and stunning views, to the formidable Kamerlengo Castle, which stands as a testament to Trogir’s medieval might, this town is a living museum.

Not just a historical treasure, Trogir also offers a gastronomic paradise. The town’s dining experiences range from traditional Dalmatian fare to international cuisine. Gourmet restaurants serve up the finest Dalmatian dishes, featuring fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients, while boutique shops offer unique souvenirs and artisanal crafts.

For relaxation, Trogir offers a plethora of options. The crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic surround the town, offering a myriad of water activities. Secluded beaches and hidden coves are perfect for those seeking tranquility, while the more adventurous can explore nearby islands and underwater caves.

The town also boasts a vibrant cultural scene. Art galleries showcase local talent, and music festivals attract international acts, making Trogir a hub of creativity and artistic expression.

Rest assured, every aspect of your holiday is managed by us, from handpicked luxury accommodations to round-the-clock support, all designed to provide a hassle-free and enriching experience.

Split Luxury Holidays

A luxury escape awaits you in Split, where Roman architecture, UNESCO heritage, and the splendor of the Adriatic Sea harmonize for your ultimate holiday.

Imagine a city where the past and present harmonize like a well-orchestrated symphony.

Split, the second-largest city in Croatia, offers just that—a blend of antiquity and modernity that captivates every visitor.

The Roman walls encircling the city are the heartbeat of a vibrant community. Within these walls lies the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Palace of Diocletian, a marvel of ancient architecture that has seamlessly integrated into the city’s daily life.

The city is a gateway to the Adriatic, offering boat tours that whisk you away to secluded islands and hidden coves. The beaches, each with its unique charm, invite you to unwind and soak up the Mediterranean sun.

Your journey here is made effortless. From arranging your stay in the most luxurious accommodations to providing a hand-curated guide to the city’s must-see spots, every detail is carefully planned. Our 24/7 support ensures that your holiday is as seamless as it is enriching.

Seize the opportunity to explore a city where history meets luxury, where the Adriatic’s azure waters kiss golden sands.

Make your luxury holidays in Split a reality and experience the epitome of Croatian elegance.

Korčula Luxury Holidays

Step into the world of Marco Polo and the Silk Road on Korčula Island, where history, luxury, and local wineries create a unique holiday experience.

Korčula Island is a captivating blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty. The island’s Venetian architecture serves as a rich cultural backdrop to your luxurious stay.

Adding to this historical richness is the legend of Marco Polo, which has been intricately woven into the island’s identity, even if his birthplace remains a subject of debate.

But history is just one facet of Korčula’s charm. The Pakleni Islands, a short boat ride away, offer secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters. The southern coast is a sanctuary of hidden coves and bays, ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

For the culinary aficionado, Korčula doesn’t disappoint. The island is renowned for its local wineries and oyster farms, offering a gastronomic experience that pairs perfectly with its rich history. As the sun sets, the island’s vibrant nightlife awakens, offering everything from elegant bars to lively clubs.

Rest assured, we handle all aspects of your holiday, from booking accommodations to 24/7 support, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.

If you’re seeking a destination that effortlessly combines history, natural beauty, and luxury, Korčula is the place to be. All that’s left is for you to experience it for yourself.

Istria Luxury Holidays

Unearth the heart of the Adriatic where truffle hunting, timeless authentic villages, and luxury villas in Istria converge for an unparalleled escape.

Step into a tapestry of luxurious experiences and cultural richness in Istria, a heart-shaped peninsula.

Picture yourself walking through rolling hills, the scent of truffles filling the air, as you immerse in exclusive truffle-hunting expeditions. This region is a sanctuary for gourmands, boasting some of the finest wine and olive oil the Adriatic has to offer.

Ancient, charming villages dot the landscape, their cobblestone streets echoing tales of yesteryears. Among these, luxury Rovinj stands as a pinnacle of opulence, seamlessly blending historical charm with modern sophistication.

Traveling to this captivating destination is made effortless for you. From securing your stay in the most exquisite luxury villas in Istria to offering a curated list of the area’s hidden gems, every detail is taken care of. With 24/7 support, your luxury holiday in Istria promises to be nothing short of perfect, allowing you to focus solely on the experience.

Discover a landscape where the finest of life and heritage intertwine. Book your ultimate getaway and indulge in the epitome of Adriatic refinement.

Hvar Luxury Holidays

Experience unmatched luxury on the sun-kissed island of Hvar, where pristine beaches, historic landmarks, and vibrant nightlife create the perfect escape.

Hvar is a unique blend of luxury and natural beauty, seamlessly offering both historic sites and stunning beaches. This rich tapestry is further enhanced by the island’s Venetian architecture, especially evident in Hvar Town and Stari Grad, which serve as cultural cornerstones to your stay.

Building on this historical richness, the UNESCO-listed Stari Grad Plain is a living testament to ancient agricultural practices, adding another layer to the island’s diverse offerings. This historical charm naturally transitions into Hvar’s abundant natural attractions.

Just a short boat ride away, the Pakleni Islands beckon with secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters. Similarly, the island’s south coast is a haven of hidden coves and bays, ideal for those seeking tranquility.

Being a culinary paradise, Hvar’s gourmet dining options abound, featuring fresh seafood and local Dalmatian dishes. This culinary scene is complemented by a vibrant nightlife, offering a range of bars and clubs for after-hours enjoyment.

Rest assured, we take care of all the details of your luxury holiday in Hvar—from your accommodation bookings to 24/7 support—ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Hvar stands as a multifaceted destination, expertly blending luxury, history, and natural beauty. The only thing missing from this idyllic setting is you.

Dubrovnik Luxury Holidays

Indulge in the epitome of Mediterranean elegance with luxury holidays in Dubrovnik—where history and culture converge to create an unparalleled experience.

Dubrovnik, the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” invites you into an experience where time seems to stand still. Walk through ancient walls that have witnessed centuries unfold, each stone a chapter in a UNESCO-celebrated legacy.

The city offers a blend of historical depth and modern allure. For fans of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik serves as the real-life King’s Landing, where cobblestone streets and towering fortresses set the stage for iconic scenes.

Beyond the realm of fantasy, Dubrovnik stands as a testament to Croatia’s rich literary history and maritime prowess, its grand palaces and maritime treasures speaking volumes.

Traveling with us eliminates the complexities of planning. We secure your stay in Dubrovnik’s finest hotels and villas and provide a handpicked list of must-see spots. Our 24/7 support ensures a seamless and enriching experience, meeting your highest expectations.

Uncover the secrets of Dubrovnik, where history and luxury effortlessly intertwine. Secure your dream holiday and experience the epitome of Mediterranean elegance.

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Our Selection of Luxury Destinations in Croatia

For the traveler who seeks the extraordinary, our curated selection of destinations in Croatia offers a tapestry of experiences that skip the usual tourist trails. Each locale is handpicked by our professional team, chosen for its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

1. Dubrovnik

Walk along ancient walls that have stood the test of time, guarding a city rich in maritime history and cultural treasures. Dubrovnik serves as both a UNESCO World Heritage site and a living museum where every cobblestone and rooftop tells a story. This is also the real-world King’s Landing, a must-see for Game of Thrones enthusiasts.

2. Istria

This peninsula invites you to hunt for truffles in its misty forests and to sip on locally-produced olive oil and wine. Istria is a gastronomic paradise, where Italian and Croatian cuisines merge in a delightful fusion. A dream escape for every culinary enthusiast.

3. Split

In Split, Roman architecture seamlessly blends with daily life, elevating it to a luxurious experience. The Diocletian’s Palace serves as the city’s vibrant heartbeat, encircled by bustling markets, eclectic shops, and lively cafés.

4. Hvar

Hvar elevates the concept of an island getaway by offering a unique blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities. From its fragrant lavender fields to its elite beach clubs, this is a place where relaxation meets sophistication. The island’s crystal-clear waters and secluded coves add an extra layer of luxury, making it a haven for those seeking both adventure and tranquility.

5. Korčula

Known as the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo, this island offers more than just historical intrigue. Its local wineries produce some of Croatia’s finest wines, and its beaches are less crowded, offering a more intimate experience. The island is also rich in folklore and traditional music, providing a cultural depth that complements its natural beauty. With its charming old town and narrow, winding streets, Korčula feels like a step back in time but with all the luxuries of the modern world.

6. Trogir

Just a short distance from the busy city of Split, Trogir feels like a different world with its medieval core. Its narrow streets are like a real-life puzzle, taking you from one fascinating building to the next. Each place you visit has its own history, making the town a great spot for people who love architecture mixed with history.


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